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Defending Your Business Interests During Transactions Or Disputes

Successful, seasoned business owners know that it takes more than good intentions and wishful thinking to remain competitive in the marketplace. Through strategic planning, you can create a strong foundation for your entity and find a path that allows you to reach your goal.

At Lurie|Strupinsky, LLP, our legal team can help you identify the best legal approach for your circumstances. Whether you are just starting up your business or are looking to develop or dissolve your enterprise, we are able to assist you. Many business owners in New York and New Jersey have benefited from our attorneys’ counsel on complex transactions and business law disputes. Partner with our boutique firm and get the personalized legal service that you deserve.

Taking A Proactive Approach To Minimize Risk

Well-written contracts and other legal documents can help you limit your liabilities and capitalize on your opportunities. Our lawyers regularly draft, negotiate, and revise documents that allow you to run your business with confidence and protect your assets.

These documents include:

  • Employee contracts, handbooks, and policies
  • Agreements between suppliers, distributors, vendors, and other parties
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Copyright and trademark applications

Drawing on our experience with employment law, we offer consultation services to New York and New Jersey owners who are concerned about complying with local, state, federal, and industry regulations.

If you need assistance with a transaction, we can facilitate this process efficiently. We have helped countless owners form their entities, purchase and sell assets and property, and dissolve their enterprises, among other actions. As your advocate, we will explore all available options before we make our recommendations. We strive to identify the most cost-effective and streamlined plan possible.

Resolving Disputes Expediently

Our litigators follow the same economical approach when they represent business owners in legal disputes. We pursue out-of-court solutions when both parties are open to negotiations; however, we are always ready to turn to the court for intervention.

We have secured favorable results for clients involved in disputes that include:

Throughout the area, we have a well-earned reputation for crafting sophisticated legal strategies that get results. Many of the business owners we represent have been referred by other satisfied clients who have retained us as their general counsel. Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your business and your bottom line.

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