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Verdicts And Settlements

Personal Injury:

$394,633.47 for a man who suffered second degree burns over a portion of his body when a furnace exploded. There was substantial evidence that the injuries may have been due to his own negligence – but we were able to show that the balance of negligence was in his favor resulting a very favorable result with apportionment of liability. (2014)

$132,000.00 for a woman who suffered a displaced fracture of her arm requiring surgery when her vehicle was struck by a commercial vehicle making an illegal left hand turn in front of her. The policy limit was quite small and diminishing through the defense. We were able to obtain significantly more than the policy limit for the woman. (2012)

$200,000.00-plus for a family struck by a drunk driver where most individuals were (fortunately) generally unharmed but one child suffered a major scar on his forehead. (2015)

$181,000.00 for a woman who was dropped by an ambulance driver resulting in severe injuries to her femur.

$650,000.00-plus settlement for a wrongful death of a woman in an elder care facility where most other attorneys assessed the value of the case at less than $100,000.00. However, with an innovative approach and theory, the defendants capitulated to a settlement without trial for greater than six times the assessed value and approximately 12 times greater than the defendants “final” offer before mediation (2015)


~$600,000.00 in 2016-2017 related to a house sale fraud

$215,000.00 for a consumer who was sued by a home improvement contractor for $4,000.00 when the contractor violated the Consumer Fraud Act and fought militantly for more than five years including collection efforts and appeals (2009-2013)

$CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT AMOUNT regarding an international corporation which was defrauding consumers in international moves (2012)

$CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT AMOUNT regarding a car dealership charging consumers for additional services not disclosed before purchase (2011)

$47,500.00 plus an obligation to make all payments on a motor vehicle loan (more than $30,000.00) for a consumer who was defrauded in the purchase of a used luxury vehicle (2009)

$45,000.00 for a condominium association which was defrauded in the installation of a parking system (2012)

$30,000.00 for a consumer defrauded in the purchase of a vehicle and where the dealership repossessed the vehicle illegally when the consumer was fully up to date on all payments by retaining a copy of the keys (2016)

$330,000.00 for a consumer defrauded by a home improvement contractor. After fourteen day civil trial, awarded more than $190,000.00 to the consumer and greater than $140,000.00 in attorney’s fees and costs.

Other Civil Litigation

2019: obtained and collected on a judgment as a result of winning of motion in lieu of complaint, in Kings County Supreme Court.

$70,000.00 for a commercial property owner against tenants for failure to pay rent

$CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT$ in 2015 for an international company with respect to vicarious and conspiratorial copyright and trade secret infringement and misappropriation.

$130,000 – successfully obtained a verdict and collected upon a personally guaranteed promissory note against a non-paying defendant (2014)

$119,000 – judgment against a personally guaranteed promissory note related to a purchase and sales agreement (2018)

$10,000.00 – successfully settled (within 30 days of meeting with client) a breach of contract claim related to a real estate agent fee dispute

$45,000.00 – within 60 days of meeting with client, successfully negotiated a settlement related to a fraud in the sale of a house where taxes increase 20% on the buyer due to seller’s conduct

$19,800.00 – for a client to collect upon an outstanding unpaid balance for graphic design work


2019 – dismissal of all claims against our client in a frivolous matter, where the Plaintiff was seeking $6 million dollars

2018 – successfully settled, pre-litigation, a seven-figure demand for alleged unpaid shareholder distribution and breach of contract/shareholder agreement

2017, 2018 – Successfully navigated clients through responses to FBI and other Federal Law Enforcement subpoenas and avoided any criminal liability

2017 – Settled a wage and hour claim to client’s satisfaction for far less than initial demand

2017 – successfully had matter dismissed against corporate client pulled into a loan dispute as a result of loans being used to invest in corporate client

2017 – successfully protected the principal shareholder of an international corporation from an invasive 3rd party subpoena in a complex multi-district class action lawsuit including a successful appeal to the Federal Appeals Court (2nd Circuit) (2016-2017)

2015 – obtained the rare Rosenblum order, barring a litigant from being able to use the civil courts after a 10-year campaign by the litigant against the client which ultimately resulted in the litigant being incarcerated for filing multiple false documents including fraudulent judgments against our client.


Negotiated sale of medical practice (2019)

Negotiated sale of barbershop (2017)

Negotiated sale of music school (2016)

Represented the managing member of a two personal LLC in multiple litigations with his ex-wife/non-managing member and tenant resulting in dismissal of non-managing member’s claims and then successfully negotiated the purchase of the non-member’s ownership of LLC for greater than $4MM

2014- successfully moved to cancel a trademark before the USPTO TTAB

2016 – successfully defended our client’s trademark against a challenge, including obtaining summary judgment on the merits, before the USPTO TTAB