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Using The Law To Protect Your Intangible Assets

Intellectual property may be considered an intangible asset, but there’s nothing intangible about the benefits that these assets confer upon their owners. In an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace, your intellectual property can set you apart from other businesses and build a recognizable brand.

At Lurie|Strupinsky, LLP, our intellectual property attorneys draw on decades of experience when they help creatives, influencers, entrepreneurs, and other parties manage and defend their assets. Using an innovative and thoughtful approach, they can assist you in addressing your concerns in the U.S. or across the globe.

Registering And Defending Your Intellectual Property

A copyright is generated when you create your art, music, text, or other original work. A trademark is your brand, and a way to identify your business to the consumer. However, registering your copyright or trademark with the proper Federal agency strengthens your defense against infringement, mainly by allowing you to sue in Federal Court. When you dedicate your time and money to developing a compelling brand or work of art, it makes sense to take measures to protect it!

We provide end-to-end copyright and trademark services, so you do not need to worry about navigating the legal process on your own. Our services include:

  • Consulting on building and managing intellectual property portfolios;
  • Conducting clearance searches to determine whether your intellectual property is unique or infringing on someone else;
  • Submitting copyright and trademark applications for registration;
  • Litigating or negotiating copyright and trademark disputes;

If you believe another party has unlawfully profited from your work, we will move quickly to stop the infringement. We utilize a variety of approaches to protect your intellectual property, including filing for injunctive relief and defending against meritless claims filed by copyright or trademark trolls. Whether your legal path leads to negotiation or litigation, we will not stop until we have secured the best outcome for your situation.

Entertainment Law: Influencers, Entertainers, And Other Creative Professionals

We have successfully represented businesses and high-profile entertainers headquartered in New Jersey and New York. We regularly draft, review, and negotiate influencer contracts related to appearances, branding, social media policies, and other lucrative matters. Contact us today to learn why so many individuals and entities rely on us to handle their legal concerns.

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